About Us

Our mission as futurist is to aid a clientele of many cultures in experiencing and learning the proper knowledge of hair care and product usage necessary to grow strong, healthy, beautiful natural hair.

A Futurist is chosen because of the desire to assist with encouraging the positive change of the earth and its environmental and social changes. It is known to many that most trends and popular conversations are held in the
local barbershop/ hair salon. We believe in making EMPRESSions on the royal people of the human race. If we change the way we look, we change the way we feel and can possibly change the way we treat each other, restoring us to our traditional greatness." - Folosade Bey

Our Salon

Established February 2012, Futurist Empressions is a salon space dedicated to encourage positive change. Working and seeing the clients every day is encouraging, and we love seeing them progress through life beautifully and happily. We enjoy knowing there are so many sisters and brothers transitioning into a deeper love for themselves and I hope to see the numbers of those people grow. If there is anything more that can be done besides being a part of the conversation of changing our mindset and comfort of who we are naturally Futurist Empressions is happy to be there and keep you beautiful as you take the lead of your natural hair journey of life.

The natural hair movement focuses on providing literacy on cosmetics just as much as it provides information regarding hairstyles. The cosmetic industry has thousands of toxic chemical products known to be harmful to female reproductive and endocrine systems. For example, certain toxic chemicals in these products contribute to the early onset of menstrual cycles and breast development in African-American girls. Others are linked to the cause of uterine fibroids and black women.

Our vision for Futurist Empressions is to spread positive changes in natural hair care worldwide. The correct dissemination of knowledge in natural hair care, products, and services is not just a business goal but it holds a social and moral component that Futurist will be leading in these next few years to come. Be a Futurist!

Why do we service Natural Khrown Kare? We use a K when talking about Natural crown care to bring an awareness to something deeply connected to our roots. We are aware that the origin of science education thrived from Ancient Kemet many people may call it Egypt which is located in East AfriKa. AfriKa, first referred to as Alkebulan, is known as the second largest continent on earth. Giving recognition to the birthplace of humanity, we replaced the “c” with a K. Ancient Kemet, has played a large part in the creation of the civilizations we know today. Kemet has also made large contributions to all of the science we use today and science includes hair. As Futurist we are always ready to learn then teach how to follow a blueprint of great magnitude with great success. Is there a better place to start? Supported by the knowledge of healthy hair care, the talented hands of our stylist groom your hair to its most optimal health, making any style you choose beautiful.

We believe in educating our clientele with the most accurate information as it relates to the specific needs of the individuals’ hair and scalp. This is why we keep the communication open with our clients. It is extremely important to know the changes of the client including those related to the environment, health, eating habits and products used. Understanding life has changes, we always communicate with our clients to be aware of anything that could offset the strength and health of the hair and/or scalp. Healthy hair is “good hair.” When natural hair is cared for, it is strong and
vibrant and always styles beautifully. We take pride in caring for all of our clients’ hair. When people are unsure of or don't how to take their natural hair journey, we take them along the roots/routes/routz we know.

The Kinyozi Routz is the natural hair care system of specialized procedures and the details of the care approach we use at Futurist Empressions. It was developed by Jamilla Bey Al -Rasul and it is a compilation of knowledge carefully collected and strategically selected from the State board of cosmetology. The knowledge of Kinyozi Routz was compiled more importantly, not just from Jamilla life experiences with locs and natural hair but from a mixture of certified, educated mentors who were first in setting the tone and paving the way in natural hair care as we know it in Philadelphia. .

Widely known for her youthful exuberance, giving spirit and creativity, Jamilla Bey Al-Rasul, the owner of Futurist Empressions Natural Khrown Kare, is a certified natural hair care specialist, innovative entrepreneur, and a graduate of Imhotep Institute Charter High School and Lincoln University with a B.S. in Business Management.

In addition to formal training in hair care, Jamilla Bey Al-Rasul enjoyed and greatly benefitted from the caring mentorship of Yvette Smalls. Internationally respected, Mama Yvette Smalls was a pioneer in Philadelphia’s natural hair care industry. Smalls’ passion and unique instructions for preserving the ancient cultural expression of natural hair helped Jamilla Bey to hone and cherish the art and craft of natural hair care and styling. Working first at Duafe Salon and then at Shear Talent in South Philadelphia, provided rich opportunities to gain natural hair experience. In 2006 her older brother Baraka Bey and family decided to open a family owned and operated salon thus giving birth to the concept and salon entitled Royal Blu Naturalistic Hair Care. Jamilla managed the salon for the last three years of the establishments’ existence. While the owner recovered from a tragic accident, Jamilla managed a team of five stylist and two salon assistants until he returned.

Ironically, the opportunity for Jamilla to sharpen her managerial skills came as a result of her brother needing to recover, but the experience helped her to also gain more knowledge of salon operations. It ultimately paved the way for the birth of Futurist Empressions Natural Khrown Kare Salon in 2012. Jamilla Bey has continued to hone her stellar natural hair care and styling artistry by providing services to her many clients, and by successfully showcasing and competing nationwide.

We no longer offer physical hair service for the public at this time.

We are transitioning to virtual hair assistance. If you are interested in updates please leave us your email contact information via the message portal on this site. If you are a stylist or salon owner interested in networking you may also leave your contact.

If you are a vendor that sells healing products, Let us know so we can continue to encourage our family to live a healthier lifestyle.

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