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We have decided to remove color from our hair services as we already know
the cancerous connections to chemicals. We will also remove loose natural afro hair styling services starting January 2020 as we continue to assist in encouraging Anu Curl Order. We want encourage the strength and beauty of your natural curl. We are excited to share with our community a new way of living and presenting yourself to the world around be it Health, Wealth, Hair and/or Culture.

We are available to assist our loose natural Afro clients with consultations and hair/scalp treatments.

The following are some initial prices of the
Hair and Scalp Care Treatments we offer.
The following are initial prices for the
Loc Services we offer.
Hot Oil $15 / $20*
Dry Scalp Therapy $10 / $25*
Deep Conditioner $15 / $25*
Detox Rinse $20/ $30*
Rosemary Stimulation Steam $20 / $30*
Chemical Repair Steam $25 / $35
Start Locs (Palm Roll) $125
Start Locs (Two-Strand Twists) $135
Start Locs (Coils) $125
Loc Repair $5 per loc
Loc Separation $15
Loc Molding $20
Basic Loc Styling $20 / $30*
Rod Set $25/ $35*
Loc Twist Up Style $30 / $45*
Pipe Cleaner Curls $35 / $45*
Loc Maintenance Re-Twist
(Palm Roll) $80
Loc maintenance re-twist (interlock) $100

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