Nommo Oil

Nommo oil is a naturally blended oil created to moisturize the hair and body. Feel free to call for pricing of wholesale orders, special orders, comments, questions, or concerns. Available in 4 oz and 8 oz bottles.

If used every three to four days, a 4 oz bottle can last up to two months.

For Locs
Pour up to a quarter size amount into your palm. Take your fingertips and dip them in the oil and rub directly onto the scalp. Repeat this seven to ten times to completely cover and moisturize the scalp. Excess oil may be applied the shafts of the locs but be careful as too much oil can cause build up. If you are experiencing problems with product build up, schedule a consultation to learn about our deep cleansing treatments.

For Natural Hair
Apply liberally to the scalp every three days.

For Body
Apply liberally while the skin is moist.

We no longer offer physical hair service for the public at this time.

We are transitioning to virtual hair assistance. If you are interested in updates please leave us your email contact information via the message portal on this site. If you are a stylist or salon owner interested in networking you may also leave your contact.

If you are a vendor that sells healing products, Let us know so we can continue to encourage our family to live a healthier lifestyle.

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